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Many of Southwest Florida's properties offer great investment potential in the form of income and appreciation. This accounts for why we assist a large number of investors using the 1031 exchange program.

Two of the most requested types of rental properties for seasonal months (January thru April) are golf course and beachfront accommodations. Because of the great winter weather SW Florida is one of the golfing capitals of the world and the beaches offer warm gulf waters and white sand beaches.
Something that surprises many investors is that they can receive more monthly revenue on a golf course property than beachfront condo during the seasonal months. What is even more amazing is that the purchase price of golf course units can by fifty percent less than beachfront. As an example, a golf course condo costing $150,000, normally can rent for $4000 to $5000 thousand dollars a month during season.

If you are considering investing in golf course property for rental purposes then be sure to speak with us
Although beachfront property does not normally receive the same monthly return on investment as golf course property, they have shown a much higher gain in value over the past several years. The basic reason why that has occurred is that there are a limited number of beachfront properties in SW Florida versus other parts of the state or country.
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